Kapitalmarkedsdag i EMGS

I morgen arrangeres kapitalmarkedsdagen i en av mine favoritter. Jeg gleder meg til å følge dagen i morgen og minner om tidligere uttalelser fra Roar Bekker, administrerende direktør i selskapet:
“The progress EMGS has made technologically, financially and in terms of market positioning has provided us with a solid foundation in a rapidly growing EM market. At this year’s Capital Markets Day, we look forward to sharing our plans to capitalize on this position and continue growing the company,”

“Technology development and new applications of EM will be the main themes for the day as these initiatives are at the heart of taking the EM market to the next level, along with refined business- and marketing models.”


Introduction and strategy update, Roar Bekker, CEO
Building the EM market, Dave Ridyard, EVP Strategic Business Development
Technology and operations, David Neser, COO and CTO
Asset light and flexible business model, Svein Knudsen, CFO
Summary and Q&A, Roar Bekker, CEO

Synspunkter? Jeg vurderer i hvert fall utover ettermiddagen ytterliggere posisjoner foran morgendagen.

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